What is the Endospheres Device?


The endospheres is a device that increases the tonus of the muscles, reduces the cellulite and helps you reduce the centimeters of your thighs and buttocks by using a painless massage technique. All this is possible thanks to the device with micro-vibration EndoSpheres Therapy, used in Bulgaria for the first time..

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How does the endospheres work?

The key for achieving good results is the special cylinder with an embossed surface, consisting of 55 microspheres rotating to 340 hertz. The mild vibration caused by those rotations combined with the pressure, applied by your therapist, massages the target body area and leads to the following positive results:

  • Skin drainage
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduced or no sense of pain
  • Restructured tissue in the target area
  • Improved muscular tonus

One of the wonderful effects of the endospheres treatment is that the results become more and more visible throughout the month when the newly synthesized collagen becomes evident.

The effect of the treatment is amazing. The fat accumulations, like the cellulitis start to resolve, the muscles get toned and the general appearance of the body improves.

For a higher efficacy of the treatment, professional cosmetic products are being used to supplement the procedure. This leads to wonderful results right after your first visit.

For a maximum effect, the procedure is conducted after the application of a special massage oil, developed for enhancing the endospheres therapy.

How was the endospheres device created?

Throughout the years scientists and specialists have conducted research and tests combining some cutting-edge technology in dermatology and dermato-cosmetics with medical research. The team of Prof. Pier Antonio Bacci marks the foundation of this achievement together with his team from the University of Siena.

Who can benefit from the endospheres therapy?

Initially among the most exigent clients in the world were the Russian elite and the fashion icons of Italy. They entrusted the endospheres therapy for their flawless appearance and tonus. Nowadays, you can also take advantage of the benefits of this unique device. It is available for your needs in our beauty studio in Sofia/Bulgaria.


For maximum effectiveness the minimum number of the recommended procedures is 12.
Half body (legs and bottom)
40 min
140 lv.
Pack of 12 procedures1299 lv.
Standard (legs, bottom, belly)
50 min
160 lv.
Pack of 12 procedures1599 lv.
Full body
90 min
200 lv.
Pack of 12 procedures1899 lv.

Why endospheres?

What is my imperfection?
  • Cellulitis
  • Broken capillaries
  • Varicose veins
What will I achieve?
  • Anti-cellulitis effect
  • Shaping
  • Tightening
Appropriate for ages:without restrictions