The most powerful laser for temporary hair removal SOPRANO ICE PLATINUM from ALMA LASERS is now available for the clients of Leonessa.

Having combined the advantages of three wavelengths, the laser achieves perfect results exceeding any other method based only on a single type of wave length. In this way we guarantee a high efficiency for all skin phototypes, in all seasons, as well as all body areas.

Learn more about Soprano Ice Platinum hair removal

For many people permanent hair removal, long-term and painless epilation is a difficult dream to achieve.

One of the most successful procedures for laser hair removal offers you exactly that: painless removal of unwanted hair with permanent results. World-leading Alma Lasers is a pioneer in the development of highly-effective platforms for laser hair removal. The revolutionary SHR technology ensures easy, TRULY EFFECTIVE and quick epilation.

Beauty Studio Leonessa has the pleasure to offer to its clients a cutting-edge technology with which we can achieve perfect results. We guarantee safe and painless treatment regardless of the skin type and the thickness of your hair.

Soprano Ice Platinum is an innovative laser that combines the advantages of three wavelengths that are proved to be highly effective. This allows excellent results that surpass the popular methods available in the market relying on mono-wavelength. The revolutionary technology is realized by the means of one handpiece Platinum edition simultaneously targeting different anatomic depths and structures of the hair follicle. Combining the absorption levels, three-wave penetration and the optimal coverage, Soprano ICE Platinum guarantees safety and clinically proven effectiveness.

Advantages of laser hair removal at Leonessa:
  • Long-term results;
  • Painless treatment;
  • Guaranteed safety - no burns even on sensitive parts;
  • All skin types, even tanned skin;
  • Allows treatment of hard to reach areas;
  • Can be performed in all seasons;
  • Can benefit conditions like folliculitis, ingrown hair etc.
The laser hair removal in our studio is appropriate for:
  • People aged between 18 and 60+.
  • All skin types.
  • All hair types.
The procedure is not appropriate under the following conditions:
  • Oncologic diseases;
  • Epilepsy;
  • People that have hormonal imbalance (puberty, pregnancy and breastfeeding period, menopause, etc.). There is no scientific data, as well as proved harms caused by laser hair removal in these cases, however due the hormonal instability effect may be significantly reduced;
  • People with active skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema etc. When these conditions are not in their active phase, epilation can be performed with regard to eventual skin reaction;
  • People with active allergic reaction in the body area to be treated;
  • People with active viral and infectious diseases;
  • Areas with cupreous veins.
  • In case of open wounds.
How to prepare the body area for laser skin removal?
  • Do not extirpate (pluck) the hair in the target area at least 3 weeks before the procedure. You can shave or cut the grown hair.
  • Shave smoothly the target area the day before the procedure (or on the day of the procedure).
  • After laser hair removal do not apply alcohol based products. If your skin is sensitive, you may have a reaction.

Price list for women

The number of the procedures depends on the skin type, hair and hormonal state of the organism. The fastest result is visible in the pubic, underarm and lower leg area.
Upper lip30 lv.
Chin30 lv.
Eyebrows30 lv.
Cheekbones30 lv.
Neck30 lv.
Upper lip + chin55 lv.
Belly line50 lv.
Pubic area (full)130 lv.
Shoulders80 lv.
Underarm area60 lv.
Back200 lv.
½ hands110 lv.
Full-hand160 lv.
Belly110 lv.
Chest120 lv.
Lower legs220 lv.
Full-leg450 lv.
Thighs280 lv.
Bikini line70 lv.
Areolas30 lv.
Buttocks120 lv.
Belly + chest210 lv.
Lower back100 lv.
Back + lower back250 lv.
Neck40 lv.
Ears30 lv.
Whiskers / cheeks30 lv.

Price list for men

The number of the procedures depends on the skin type, hair and hormonal state of the organism. The fastest result is visible in the pubic, underarm and lower leg area.
Upper lip30 lv.
Chin50 lv.
Eyebrows30 lv.
Cheekbones30 lv.
Neck50 lv.
Upper lip + chin75 lv.
Belly line50 lv.
Pubic area (full)130 lv.
Shoulders130 lv.
Underarm area70 lv.
Back280 lv.
½ hands165 lv.
Full-hand220 lv.
Belly130 lv.
Chest170 lv.
Lower legs280 lv.
Full-leg500 lv.
Thighs330 lv.
Areolas40 lv.
Buttocks150 lv.
Belly + chest280 lv.
Lower back120 lv.
Back + lower back350 lv.
Neck70 lv.
Ears50 lv.
Whiskers / cheeks50 lv.